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Career Transition Coaching & Consulting

Our career transition coaching and consulting service is available for companies or individuals that would like a career transition management solution during a severance or career transition situation. We offer a completely customizable outplacement program, varying in length and content and therefore budget of the client.

We strongly believe in the following:

  • Coaching sessions are ideally one-on-one for career transition coaching and consulting.
  • The program content is customized to meet the specific needs of the individual.
  • Flexibility to address shifting priorities, such as an immediate need for a customized resume or preparation for an unexpected interview.
  • Sessions and resources for skills in basic interviewing techniques (including behavioral focused interviewing)
Fiona Bryan

Individual & Executive Career Coaching


Having a personal Career Coach will help you to conquer your challenges in your career and job search.

Career coaching is more than just about career change or a job search. It’s about giving you a unique edge while you are working and reaching top performance levels.

Individual coaching assist clients in some of the following areas:

  • understand and maneuver in current market conditions.
  • establish tangible and measurable goals.
  • handle unforeseen job/role changes.
  • prepare marketing collateral materials (including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn and interview presentations).
  • unique communication challenges (including gender, generational and team dynamics)

Career Coaching for Executives

This is a custom-designed approach for mid to senior level executives who wish to enhance their effectiveness, communications and leadership capabilities and shoot for the top position.

We offer “on the street/in the trenches” expertise in that we are also placing executives in top positions on a regular basis.

We know the market as we are in the market – we have been in executive and leadership roles and bring that experience to bear in our Career Coaching for Executives.

Please contact us for our rates and service offerings: info@thebryangroup.ca


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We understand the difference between full-time and contract candidates. They have different goals and aspirations.

Our focus on fit revolves around a clear and qualified understanding of what the employer and the candidate are each looking for.

We ensure your time is spent effectively, not wasted pursuing candidates who don’t fit. To that end, TBG offers EAT (Employee Assessment Tools) and psychometric tools that allow you to gain a broader view of potential candidates, ensuring the “fit” with your organization is the right one.


In today’s accelerated changing economic environment, using contract professionals is a proven, cost-effective strategy which enables corporations to achieve better performance with fewer employees. Contract specialists can enhance your workforce and reduce the time and expense involved in achieving your goals.