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Bryan Group Limited

With over 25 years of industry expertise, The Bryan Group Limited (affectionately known as TBG) is a provider of Staffing Solutions, Outplacement/Transitioning and Career and Success Coaching to fulfill our client’s needs throughout North America. Our mission is to create lifetime relationships. Ask A Career Expert is the Career and Success Coaching practice.

Discriminating, Engaging, Results Oriented – these are some of the words our clients use to speak about us. Our long-term relationships are built on integrity and experience.


Fiona Bryan is the President and Sr. Managing Partner of The Bryan Group Limited and has over 25 years of industry expertise in recruitment, training, and career and success coaching. She is the Principal of the Ask A Career Expert Career Coaching Practice offering career coaching, communications consulting, and career transitioning services.


Career & Success Coaching

As an Author, Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, Fiona supports professionals and organizations in creating amazing work relationships and highly productive working environments. As a well known Career and Success Coach she helps people land their dream job and get bigger promotions, bigger salaries, and bigger bonuses.

She is an international speaker on the topic of “Genders & Generations”​ (gender/generational intelligence, communications and inclusion within the workplace) and continues to provide training and consulting services to the recruitment sector.

Prior to founding The Bryan Group Limited, she worked at a top agency as a Sr. Practice Manager for clients throughout North America and achieved the distinction of being the top IT placement agent for Canada’s largest Securities Exchange.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and started her professional career in the Manufacturing sector. She held her Professional Engineer designation in Quebec, speaks French and has travelled the world extensively as an accomplished scuba diver.

Her next book is “Communications Chaos: Getting Past Gender and Generation to Create Cooperation”. She works with individuals and companies providing career/executive/leadership coaching and personal branding strategies in a digital world. LinkedIN with Fiona.

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